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Proven mine dewatering and process water technology meets full-service support. The proven quality of our components is based on top-notch engineering and decades-long experience. Through KSB''s global collaboration, we have accumulated over 90 years of project experience in the mining business, and we bring this depth of expertise to every new project.

An Introduction to Design of Dewatering Systems

Design of a dewatering system requires the determination of the number, size, spacing, and penetration of wells or wellpoints and the rate at which water must be removed from the pervious strata to achieve the required groundwater

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 · Mine Dewatering Results. This quick analysis using AEM suggests that two dewatering wells pumping (or siphoning) a total of about 120 gpm might eliminate 84 gpm of acid mine water discharging to the stream from the tunnels. The only water entering the tunnels might be seepage from the unsaturated rock above the water table.

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Mine Dewatering. Existing pump technologies are being applied in innovative new ways in an attempt to dramatically reduce the long and short term costs of dewatering mines. The pump industry has been experiencing an increase in the demand for dewatering pump technologies, as low commodity prices have convinced mining houses to exploit the ...

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The dewatering goal was to maintain groundwater levels below the pit floor before mining and throughout the life of the mine. Primary and secondary dewatering strategies were developed to …

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Title Mine Dewatering System Design Validated Using AFT Fathom Author Applied Flow Technology Subject Case study of how AFT Fathom was used to model a proposed modification to a mine dewatering system in Indonesia. The model allowed the

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 · Poorly controlled groundwater can impact the safety and efficiency of mine operations Mine dewatering is the process of controlling and managing surface water and groundwater to allow mining in relatively dry conditions, to improve geotechnical stability and to improve the efficiency of mining methods 5.


Dewatering bores up to 300m deep were planned to meet the life-of-mine dewatering requirements. Local areas of perched groundwater behind the pit walls were to be depressurised via horizontal drain holes. A groundwater monitoring bore network across the

Valve solutions for mine dewatering systems

Deep gold mine dewatering system control mainly utilises non-return and discharge valves to ensure correct pump operation. The discharge valve isolates the pump from the dewatering column and plays a critical role during the multistage pump starting and

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Mine sites need to assess the permeability and porosity of the ground, the amount of surface water and geological features such as seasonal rainfall before starting a dewatering process.

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 · Mine Dewatering. A pump company or dewatering solutions provider can partner with mine planners and engineers in the design and planning stages. A system analysis should be performed first. Then pump selection can begin. Factors to consider in mine planning include portability, easy maintenance and solids-handling.


Mine Dewatering Progressing cavity pump mine dewatering systems have been employed in the mining industry for over 30 years. This is a highly efficient, fully integrated pump package solution for reducing the total cost of a mine dewatering program. The pump is ...

Development of a mine dewatering and pit slope depressurisation review process

and mine dewatering performance, typical over-reliance on models include: • The issue of scale: A mine-wide model is often needed for the purposes of predicting broad mine scale groundwater inflows and groundwater levels. In recent years, mainstream finite

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Once the initial dewatering is completed, continued pumping is necessary to remove the groundwater that will constantly flow into the mine through fractures within the bedrock. There are around 300 wells that could be impacted by dewatering of the mine "Before exploration and mining can proceed, the volume of water contained in existing workings must be removed from the underground workings.

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Mine dewatering pumps can be used as main drainage pump when being installed in mine. Because of submersible motor installed inside, it can also be used as rescue and emergency pump. Two kinds of pumps can be used as mine dewatering pumps. One is bottom suction submersible pump, mainly used along with protection tube under water. ...

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Using Pexgol pipes in a dewatering application lowers transportation and. disposal costs, reduces offensive odors and its light weight and flexibility allows for installation in difficult conditions where heavy equipment may not have access. Pexgol excellent mechanical properties offer mine …

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Underground mine planning including optimisation, mining method assessment, mine design, scheduling, waste management, dewatering, equipment selection and cost… 8 days ago Save job Not interested Report job

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Mine Dewatering. Open pits are developed in the mining industry for the extraction of minerals, raw materials, and aggregate. In many circumstances, these pits are excavated below the water table. Depending on the geologic environment and proximity of streams, rivers, ponds and lakes, significant groundwater inflows may occur.

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mine dewatering: 1. Analysis of effect of mine dewatering on subsidence of the turret of the main shaft

An introduction to open pit mine dewatering

23 July 2020 GSSA Lunchtime talk with Geoff Beale: An introduction to open pit mine dewatering.Geoff Beale is Piteau Associates Global Advisor: Dewatering, a...


Mine Dewatering Unit Smart Air Injection SAI - Sewage Treatment Plants SAI - Breweries and Distilleries STANDARD PUMP OPEN HOPPER PUMP METERING PUMP FOOD PUMP SEMI-SUBMERSIBLE PUMP WOBBLE PUMP MACERATOR Technology

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Grundfos surface and submersible dewatering pumps ensure robust and reliable open pit drainage and peripheral and underground dewatering at the mine, ensuring operations are not disrupted.

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Many activities related to mining – such as pit dewatering, water treatment and reinjection of groundwater into different aquifers – can cause changes to the groundwater in surrounding areas. To allow for proper and prudent water management and mine dewatering plans, these effects have to be investigated. In addition, mines require the use of groundwater for their operational aspects.

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Major aspects include: 1. Dewatering. Aquifers and flow of subsurface water. Effects of Water on slope stability and mine operations. Dewatering systems and pump types. Optimum pipe diameter of a pumping line. System curve of a pumping line. Pump selection in terms of the operating conditions of a …

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Construction Dewatering Mine Dewatering Sewer Bypass Creek Bypass Water Filtration & Treatment Industrial Pumping Storm Water & Flood Management Well Drilling Engineering & Environmental Permitting Pumping Instrumentation & Monitoring HDPE

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 · Dewatering Mines. by Stephanie E. Morgan, Godwin Pumps. 12/17/2011. There are two largely accepted facts about mining: 1) A mine''s landscape is dynamic, and 2) Within that landscape, water is a mine''s worst enemy. Navigating a mine''s landscape with pumps designed to move and/or remove water has long been the challenge of mine operators.

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 · The Dewatering Institute was founded as a way for stakeholders in the industry globally to come together and develop the Construction Dewatering, Mine Dewatering and Groundwater Control industries across the entire project life cycle. TDI covers Geotechnical Investigation, Hydrogeology, Drilling, Ground Source Energy Wells, Design, Pipeline ...

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Mine Dewatering. Removing or depressurizing water from a mine to minimize flooding, stabilize slopes and highwalls, and optimize operation. Effective mine dewatering and efficient mine water management requires accurate water data. Our water level, water flow and water quality instrumentation and revolutionary in-well telemetry combine to ...

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Mine Dewatering for reoccupation of a flooded mine requires rehabilitation and recarmissioning of sha.ft and sane level functions to provide safe efficient access, services and logistics, as well as securing connections with all exposed workings. The the earliest ...

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 · Usually, dewatering is a technique implemented on most construction sites because it helps retrieve water accumulated in trenches. This water needs to be removed in construction projects to keep working as planned and provide a safe work environment. Workers generally use …

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Mine dewatering Outstanding performance under pressure Efficient water management is essential for any mine site, especially where the conditions are challenging and the weather is changeable, unpredictable or the rainy season is coming.

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Mine Dewatering Systems Our expert engineers will work with you to understand the specific dewatering requirements of your site, whether in-pit or underground. Take control of your water Water is critical for every mine site but its management can pose a challenge.

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Mine dewatering is a production critical function; inflow of waters needs to be removed to maintain a safe production environment. In order to ensure redundancy, the pumping system must include spare pumps and parts.

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RAMJACK''s Mine Dewatering & Pump Control System allows operators to monitor underground water tables and reservoirs in real-time in order to ensure safe levels as well as automate dewatering when levels breach predetermined parameters.